What are the dimensions of this UV sterilizer bag?
9.9in (L) x 8.3in (W) x 6.2in (H)

How heavy is the UV sterilizer bag?
The net weight of the bag is 1lb.

How long does the UV sterilizer bag take to sterilize objects?
The bag takes 5 minutes to sterilize objects via UV-C light, after which the UV-C light will automatically turn off.

Is this UV sterilizer bag FCC & CE certified?
Yes, it is FCC & CE certified.

How do I operate this UV sterilizer bag?

  1. Open the bag and place items to be sterilized inside the bag. Make sure bag is zipped up completely.
  2. Connect the USB input cable (found at the back of the bag) to a power bank. Once connected, there should be a blue light on the front button to indicate that bag is on standy mode. Press the front button for 2 seconds until an orange light appears. UV sterilizing rays are now on and will disinfect the contents of the bag for 5 minutes.
  3. UV rays turn off automatically after 5 minutes (orange light also turns off), and sterilizing is complete. Unzip and remove items from the bag. 

Must a power bank be used at all times?
For the Non-Chargeable Battery version, a power bank must always be connected to the USB input cable in order for bag to function. There is a custom-made back pocket (where the USB input cable is found) which you can conveniently place your power bank in.

For the Chargeable Battery version, the power bank can be removed once the UV sterilizer bag is fully charged.

Is a power bank included in the package?
No. There are no power banks included in the package.

What capacity power banks can be used with this UV sterilizer bag?
This UV sterilizer bag can work with most commercially-available power banks.

How long can the UV lamp last?
The UV lamp has a working lifespan of up to 10,000 hours.

What forms of payment do you accept?
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What are your shipping & return policies?
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Do you keep your own stock?
Yes! We keep our own stock in USA, which allows us to deliver our orders in the shortest possible time.

Are you a dropshipping company?
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What is the difference between UV-C and UV light?
UV-C light is a form of short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV). There are three types of UV rays, namely UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, which are classified according to their wavelength ranges. Of the three, UV-A has the longest wavelength and UV-C has the shortest wavelength. UV-C is also known as "germicidal UV", and is commonly used for disinfection as it demonstrates significant germicidal properties.

Is UV-C light harmful to humans?
Direct exposure to UV-C light can be harmful to human skin & eyes. Utmost care should be taken to zip up the UV sterilizer bag securely and check that there is no leakage of UV-C light out of the bag, so as to avoid being directly exposed to the UV-C light when the bag is in operation.

Can UV-C light kill viruses?
There is ample scientific evidence that supports the fact that in general, UV-C light effectively kills viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. It deactivates the harmful DNA of pathogens and destroys their ability to multiply & cause disease. UV-C light is also known as "Germicidal UV" as it demonstrates significant germicidal properties, and is commonly used for disinfection.