What Are The Advantages Of Using UV-C Light Over Other Methods Of Disinfecting?

There are many effective methods of sanitizing & disinfection. These include washing objects thoroughly with soap or detergent, using a steam sterilizer, and using chemical agents such as chlorine.

In recent times, the use of UV-C light has gained in popularity as an equally effective way to kill bacteria. 

Why is UV-C light disinfection becoming such a popular method?

UV-C light offers the following advantages when it comes to disinfection:

1) It is a clean & non-chemical approach to disinfection.

When it comes to items especially for baby use, parents are generally reluctant to involve the use of any chemical agents (such as chlorine) for disinfection.

2) It does not involve the disinfected objects getting wet by being washed with water or being placed in the steam sterilizer.

When it comes to using UV-C light for disinfection, one does not have to wash the objects and leave them to dry before being able to use them again.

Firstly, not all objects are water-resistant, and secondly, it can be tedious having to always wait for objects to dry thoroughly after giving them a good wash.

3) It is a relatively simple & inexpensive method of disinfecting, requiring low maintenance.

Apart from acquiring the UV-C lamps, there is hardly anything else that is required by using UV-C disinfection, and this makes the UV-C method a relatively cheap & low-maintenance way of disinfecting, taking in account also the fact that most UV-C lamps (such as the ones found in Luumyn's UV Sterilizer Bag) can last up to 10,000 hours.

In summary, while we cannot conclude that UV-C disinfection is the most superior method of disinfection out there, we can safely say that it clearly does offer certain advantages over other common methods of disinfection.